Agustina Feijóo

Agustina Feijóo


is Argentinian and currently in Tucumán

Agustina has a Graphic Design degree from UNSTA (Universidad del Norte Santo Tomás de Aquino). She has been a member of The UX Department team since 2013.

Agustina started her journey in The UX Department as a Project Manager. Over time she evolved into an interaction designer and information architect. Her role in the studio includes working closely with clients as the liaison between them and the team, doing research, creating wireframes and site maps and performing remote user tests. She also helps with company documentation, as she loves writing.

In her free time, Agustina studies French (currently at level A2), she paints from large murals to miniatures and all that’s in between, she likes to read, and tries to leave some room to learn to play the guitar. When she’s not getting a new tattoo, she’s probably planning her next trip.

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